WebApps 1.3 Released

We’re pleased to announce today that our popular Windows Phone app, WebApps, has been updated to version 1.3 with support for Windows Phone 7, multiple languages and a raft of new, commonly requested features.

WebApps is the best way to discover mobile websites, pin them as beautiful tiles to your Start screen and enjoy them in a seamless full-screen experience.

WebApps 1.3 introduces support for Windows Phone 7; translations in English, Chinese (Simplified), Russian, Turkish and Czech; orientation lock; Skinery integration for a unique, customized Start screen and the ability to run under the lock screen which is great for web apps that stream music.

For the ultimate experience, advanced features are now available for purchase to support the upkeep and on-going development of the app.

The Custom Web Apps upgrade lets you add mobile web sites not yet available in the WebApps catalogue to your collection or Start screen. To help create a live tile, WebApps will even scan the site for appropriate images or let you select an image from your phone.

The Kid’s Corner upgrade (Windows Phone 8 only) lets you restrict which web apps may be accessed from Kid’s Corner. For added peace of mind, the remainder of the app gets locked down too.

The community is encouraged to contribute to WebApps by suggesting and voting for new features at sydience.uservoice.com or by getting in touch with Sydience to volunteer new translations.

WebApps 1.3 is available for immediate download from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace and Windows Phone 8 Store and access to the new, advanced features is available via the in-app upgrades link.